Thursday, March 25, 2010

Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa Casino

I have been putting off a visit to this spa due to the fact that a day pass was priced at $50. Yesterday, on a whim, I gave them a call only to find that the price is now $40. Not great, but not quite so off-putting. The receipt still shows the price as $50 with a $10 discount so I don't know if the $40 price is a temporary situation or if they simply haven't reprogrammed their system to reflect the $40 price.

Perhaps the first thing you need to know about this spa is that it is in an entirely separate building from the hotel/casino and you can't get there from here. From the casino you must go outside, down a large set of stairs, past the pool and past the salon. Once you are in the spa building you must go down another large set of stairs. Yes, the spa itself is underground.
My initial reaction was that the spa was decorated nicely if not overly large. In fact the steam room and the dry sauna are quite small. There is a sink inside the steam room to facilitate shaving there should you so desire. The hot warm tub is of decent size. It has a few nice features such as the waterfall that materializes out of the wall and the floor to ceiling windows that all natural light into the spa.

Although the spa is subterranian, a sort of window well with an outdoor stone wall/waterfall/pool abuts the wet area.

There are three loungers in the wet area which face a large television mounted on the wall.

There are also two small televisions in the vanity area and two large televisions in the relaxation area.

Personally, I would remove the televisions in the vanity and wet areas. Relaxation/Tranquility and television don't mix well in my world.
Frank, the attendant, was a professional who seemed genuinely concerned that you have a good experience. Don't forget to tip your attendant!
Cons: No cold plunge, no shower inside the steam room, relatively small, price.

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