Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sahra Spa Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Sahra means desert in several languages.
The entrance to the spa is evocative of a slot canyon. They call the hallway leading to the spa the "space between" . Between the real world and tranquility.
The spa was not very busy. Considering the very reasonable price of $24 for a day pass that was a little surprising even for midweek.
The amenities included the basics of a dry sauna, a steam room and a hot tub with a semi enclosed area where "rain", in varying intensity, falls from the ceiling. There was also a cool mist room designed to cool you down after a session in the sauna or steam. Warm mist would have been a more appropriate title since the mist was too warm to do much in the way of cooling.
Two of my favorites are missing from Sahra. It has neither cold plunge pool nor shower head in the steam room.
There are only 5 loungers in the wet area and they are of a style that isn't very comfortable. You cannot adjust the angle of chairs. In order to lay flat you have to scoot down and let your legs dangle off the end of lounger.
There are two separate sitting areas. One has a TV and the other one has a few chairs. No bottled water is provided although there is water with lemon and cucumber. (YUCK) Coffee is served in china cups and plastic (reusable) glasses are provided for the water/lemon/cucumber concoction. Light snacks such as nuts are provided. Juices are available upon request.
Many of the walls (as well as the entry hallway) are covered in sandstone reflecting the desert environment.
Overall the spa is soothing, just as it should be.