Friday, July 11, 2014

Encore Spa Encore Las Vegas

The Encore was once in my top two Las Vegas Spas. When I started going there one could buy a three day pass for $75.  You didn't have to visit on three consecutive days, so this was great for locals.  Then this option disappeared and the price for a single day pass started to climb.  I can't remember what it was last...either $40 or $45.  Then the hammer fell and locals (or las vegas visitors not staying at Wynn or Encore) were told that they could no longer purchase a day pass.  Of course you can still pay hundreds for a massage and then use the facilities.  I remember when Wynn first opened and the word around town was that he didn't want locals.  I guess that was always true and it just took a while to come into play with day passes for the spa.

 I do miss visiting this spa.  Aesthetically it is over the top beautiful.  It has everything you could want in a spa with the exception of a sink/shaving area inside the steam room.  Plenty of loungers perfect for hours of relaxation.  The large steam room has a shower head inside for cooling while heating up.  The two huge hot tubs are large enough to swim laps in while there are individual recessed areas along one side of each where jets massage your lower back.  Encore has both a cold plunge and a cool plunge.  (The
Wynn spa also has cool and cold plunges...must be a Wynn thing).

Also in the wet area are six showers cut into the wall.  Two of these have glass ledges about 7 feet high where water cascades over the ledge and sort of massages you.
The other 4 are experiential showers with shower heads on three sides and overhead.  YOu can adjust the spray pattern as well as the color of the lighting and the volume of the music.
 There are also two separate relaxation areas.  One near the Men's attendant desk has a gas fireplace and resembles a very masculine library.  The other is off of the locker area with dim lighting and very comfortable chaises.  This area also serves as the waiting area where massage therapists greet you for your service.
Other nice touches in the wet area include the wall of copper pots behind the heated stone loungers.  Water trickles down the various pots and creates a soothing ping ping ping of water drops hitting copper.  you would think that this would be annoying, but you would be wrong.  The skylight in the wet area is also welcome.  At one end of the skylight is a waterfall of crystal.  The sunlight hits the crystals and rainbow colored spots of light dance across the room.
It is too bad that non-property guests are no longer welcome to buy day passes because this really is what I would call a world-class spa.

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