Friday, February 19, 2010

Finding the Perfect Spa in Las Vegas

When you think of a great destination resort, does the existence or lack of a quality spa enter your mind?
It should.
The perfect spa experience can serve as a much needed escape from the real world. Your visit may only be a few hours or it can span the entire day. Your expectations and wants will largely dictate the ideal spa for you as the spas in Las Vegas span the spectrum from utilitarian to luxurious. Our goal here is to find the right one for you. (Well, actually, the goal is to find the perfect one for ME, but my experience might be helpful to you as well.)
For my purposes here, I'll mostly be utilizing day passes only with the occasional massage thrown in for good measure. My observations will be limited to the men's side of the spas.
Your comments will be greatly appreciated since each of us will have different ideals. Now go spend some time in a spa.